June Dally-Watkins Philosophy

Most people consider life a battle, but it should not be, it's a game and every person has a role to play. The rules are simple: it's all about giving and receiving.

Learn to be generous, open minded, kind and decent in your attitude towards others. These emotions will eventually be reflected in your face and will attract people to you.

Your gentle nature, warm heart and ability to live easily with the people around you, make you lovely to know.

Every moment you have the opportunity to create that lasting loveliness in your character and personality by the way you think, act and talk.

Short Courses:

Personal Development for young adults  recommended for ages 13 - 18

Modelling Basics for young adults  recommended for ages 13 - 18
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Mon - Fri: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Any questions, please contact Lydia
0421 902 712
All our classes are held at Club York.
Level 2, 99 York St, Sydney

Near Town Hall and the QVB