June Dally-Watkins Look of Success Programme and   International Studies in GuangZhou, China is hugely  successful, and now in Sydney and Brisbane.
Her teachers will love and care for you and show you how to be very successful, professionally and internationally and be accepted everywhere and by everyone.

This international programme is designed to help everyone, everywhere.

· How to carry your body, walking, standing and sitting
· Developing presence, posture and body language

Personal Grooming
· Makeup master class for females
· Wardrobe styling and colour analysis, dressing for your body shape, casual and corporate wear
· Skincare and complexion analysis
· Hand care
· Hair style assessment (optional visit to the hair salon)

Human Relations and Communication
Human relations places emphasis on how students are able to integrate into different environments and effectively cope with working with others from different cultural backgrounds than themselves.
We believe that educating students to have good manners, respect and self-efficacy are all imperative to become a kinder, more caring and courteous adult. Understanding who you are, and how to interact with different personalities, are vital for your relationships, whether it is your friendship group, family or in the workplace.

Business & Social Etiquette
· Good manners never go out of style. Appropriate behaviour for business and social environments
· Dining etiquette
· Introductions and greetings

Reaching your goals to be successful
Setting realistic and achievable goals are challenging if not guided by a qualified coach. Realistic goals are achievable once a student increases their self-efficacy. Self-efficacy is the influential factor that determines whether a student excels in their professional and personal life. Students will learn how to identify their goals by creating a vision board. Creating a vision board is helpful, as it will illustrate what they desire. Once this desire is established, students will then learn how to clear their negative self-talk out of their subconscious minds in order to feel more confident to achieve their goals. The most successful individuals use vision boards to reprogram their brain to have more self-belief that their goals are achievable. Students will learn how to create a vision board and use it on a daily basis to inspire their dreams to become a reality.

Stress Management and more!
2 Weekends (4 days)

9.30am - 4.30pm
Dates: 2018

3/4 & 10/11 November ​- With Miss Dally

All our classes are held at Club York
Level 2, 99 York St, Sydney
Near Town Hall and the QVB

A deposit of $600 will secure your place