June Dally-Watkins has been in business for over 65 years. Possibly, the first woman in Australia to start her own corporate business.
June is remembered by her contemporaries as one of Australia’s most famous models, mannequins.  She was a mannequin for the first visit to Australia by French designers  Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain.  She travelled Australia showing their collection, and the first ever collections from America, the Neiman Marcus Department Store.
In 1950 June started Australia’s and the Southern Hemisphere’s, first School of Deportment and in 1951 Australia’s and the Southern Hemisphere’s first modelling agency. Probably the first outside New York and London.
In 1988 June Dally-Watkins commenced Australia’s first Business Finishing College.  Her graduates are now successful businessmen and women in the corporate world.
In 1993 June Dally-Watkins was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for her contribution to business.
In 1998 June Dally-Watkins was voted Australia’s Most Inspiring Business Woman by the Australian Business Women’s Network.
In 1999 she was made Ambassador-at-large by Crossroads International.  Crossroads is a charity registered in Hong Kong, which sends relief goods to people in need throughout the world. She has visited Croatia and Bosnia Herzogovina - Mostar and Sarajevo assisting with humanitarian aid to refugees and orphanages.
In 1999 she was invited to be guest speaker in Moscow, Russia by the International Christian Women’s Association and in 2007, June was guest speaker in Shanghai for the Australian Women’s Association.
Her schools, short courses and corporate training continues to grow.
June maintains a good ‘mind lift’ is more important than a face lift anytime, and continues to run her business on a day to day basis, never wanting to retire.
She is very proud to be a mother of two sons and two daughters. Now seven grandchildren, six of them are boy,s and a great granddaughter.